Mustafa AY – TDO – 27.07.2017 Jordan has become the first Arabian country adopting ‘Opera’ music appreciation. With the initiative of Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum on Opera performance, many Jordanian art-lover got an earful. In this unprecedented night for both Jordan and Arabian World, Guiseppe Verdi’s composition of “La Traviata” was performed by 150 musicians from 10 different countries.

Jordanian Princess Muna el-Hussein also took part in the night. Her attendance proved the endorsement of Royal family to this musical initiative of Barhoum. The performance organized in Roman Theatre got audiences feel as if they had watched opera performance in Italy. Following the night, Princess Muna presented compliments for Soprano Zeina by stating “Zeina is the ambassador of World classic music to Jordan. Because of her initiative, many art/music-lovers across the globe might be aware of that Jordan also has this dimension.”

Jordan is one of the most prominent country in cultural tourism in Middle East. However, Ministry of Culture in Jordan wants to bring Jordan on the top in terms of culture tourism. For this reason, that performance presented in Roman Theatre is expected to play an important role in carrying Jordan to higher steps in the ladder. Jordan hosted natural beauties and many historical heritages inherited from Roman Empire, its predecessors and successors, except Petra site. These are varying from ‘Jerash Oval Forum’, ‘Wadi Rum’ where some scenes of Arabian Lawrence were casted and to ‘Mabada site’ in which Byzantine mosaics exist. All these different historical places prove that Jordan is fit to the saying “the cradle of civilizations”. Therefore, Minister of Culture, Lina Annab, stated that this performance will enable Jordan to enhance the awareness of “Jordan” in the minds of many people across the World. That’s why, it is vital for not only Jordan, but also other regional countries

In the night, many important participants from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait watched this delightful performance as well as Jordanians. With their attendance, they backed up Jordan’s this initiative on Opera. Therefore, Jordan assumed the title of “the bridge between West and East”. 

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