İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 18.07.2017- Following European Parliament’s decision to have new temporary unilateral EU trade preferences for Ukraine additional to the free trade zone, The Council of the European Union introduced new trade preferences to Ukraine.

According to a European source, from now on, there will be zero import tariffs for Ukraine on certain volumes of agricultural products including natural honey, processed tomatoes and wheat. In order to take advantage of the new rule, Ukrainian government has to adhere to the same principles as those set out in the association agreement, including respect for democratic principles, human rights and basic freedoms.

It is expected that the new preferences will enter into force in September and will be valid for three years. European Union takes several measures to enhance Ukrainian economy and have reforms as formal Ukrainian government is their new castle in the Black sea and significant stop surrounded by pipelines.

Also, it is significant to remind that the Council of the European Union approved the 2014 EU-Ukraine association deal, in last week.

Ukrainian crisis was began on 21 November 2013 as Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych suspended his meetings with European officers to sign a trade agreement with EU due to Russia’s hard opposition, tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets. It was a street fighting between pro-European west and Yanukovych's power base in the pro-Russian east of Ukraine. Following, in February 2014, Yanukovich flee Kiev. In March 2014, Russia benefited from the chaos in the country and troops entered Crimea. Now, Ukraine is a divided state between pro-Russian so-called government of Donetsk- Lugansk, Crimea and pro-European Kiev. 

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