İrem GÖL -TDO- British Health Ministry announced that a rare inflammatory syndrome which affects children is a concern. The disease has not led to any deaths so far. Researchers believe that the disease may be linked to Covid-19. Italian and British medical experts are investigating a possible link between the coronavirus pandemic and clusters of severe inflammatory disease among infants who are arriving in hospital with high fevers and swollen arteries.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the condition was a new disease believed to have been linked to the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. He also added: “We’re not 100 percent sure because some of the people who got it hadn’t tested positive, so we’re doing a lot of research now but it is something that we’re worried about.”

Britain’s National Health Service said the syndrome only affected about eight in every 100,000 children every year, with most aged under five. The new disease caused fear as it demonstrates the unpredictability of the virus and its effects.

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