İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Chinese jets and warships carried out exercises near Taiwan. Officers warned of a growing threat from its powerful neighbor.

According to China's official Xinhua news agency fighters, bombers and early warning aircraft had flown through the Miyako Strait, between the southern Japanese islands of Miyako and Okinawa and to the northeast of Taiwan, and into the Pacific.They then carried out drills with Chinese warships in the area to improve interoperability between the two services.

It has been written as "This exercise is part of annual plans for the navy, is not aimed at a specific country or target, and accords with relevant international laws and norms".

On the other hand, Taiwanese Defense Minister, Feng Shih-kuan told in a parliamentary session as "Looking ahead at the transformation of China's strategy and its investment in new weapons equipment, our military will practice new reforms in our training’’.

South China Sea has become one of the most stressed fault lines of international politics.  China, Taiwan, Vietnam,Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and indirectly USA have claims on resource-rich, trade road. China will unveil its defense budget for 2017 on the weekend, at an annual meeting of its parliament. News about the issue are closely watched around the region and in the U.S.

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