Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Following the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Italy, attempts to form a new government began. Nicola Zingaretti, leader of the main opposition party, the Democratic Party, said they are open to forming a coalition government with the anti-5 Star Movement.

He added that the 5 conditions set by the two parties, which are essentially disagreed, must be adopted in order to form a coalition, Zingaretti added. The Democratic Party leader expressed these conditions as a loyal membership to the European Union, a central role for parliament, economic development on the basis of environmental sustainability, economic policy that supports changes in immigration policy and investments. Zingaretti said the country would go to early elections if the government could not be formed.

However, after the early elections demand of the ruling extreme right-wing partner of the ruling party, Matteo Salvini, Prime Minister Conte resigned and entered into a political crisis.

Mattarella first met with leaders of small political groups in parliament. On the last day of the talks, the President of Italy will also speak to the leaders of the major parties.

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