İrem Uzun -DG- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Vladimir Putin today in Sochi in order to discuss the Middle East. On Sunday, administrative officials of Israel reported that the conversation aims to prevent Israeli and Russian air forces from clashing over Syria. The previous meeting was held by two leaders in Moscow in March and since then, they continued to stay in touch with each other by phone calls.

Russia, an ally of President Bashar Assad and his regime, entered the Syrian civil war in 2015. Although Israel is reluctant to accept carrying out its own airstrikes in Syria, numerous attacks against weapon transfers have been attributed to Jerusalem, which has led to increase of tension between Moscow and Jerusalem.

Netanyahu also aims to discuss the cease-fire in Syria, which Israel has opposed by saying it does not address their concerns about Iran in the region. Iran, Israel’s arch-enemy and Assad’s ally, has provided militia power to help Assad regime. Iran’s increasing sphere of influence in region is emphasised by Israeli officials and it is believed that Iran attempts to create a corridor from Iran to Lebanon, where Hezbollah actively operates. Therefore, aftermath of the meeting will be significant both for bilateral relations between Israel-Russia and conflicts in Middle East.

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