Hatim Khan – TDO- 03.05.2018  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived on Sunday at Washington to meet the President of United States Donald Trump, on a five-day visit.

Before leaving for the American Capital, Netanyahu thanked Trump for his decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Israel's Independence Day. He also mentioned the importance of stopping Iran from pursing aggressive foreign policy in the region and preventing them from attaining their nuclear ambitions.

Officials from the two Countries have reiterated this, by saying that the focus of the meetings between the leaders will be to pressure the European Countries to come on board and change the Iran nuclear deal (2015), which is rather too lenient towards Iran. US and Israel who see Iran as the biggest threat in the region are on the same page, while the European powers such as Britain, France and Germany who were all signatories to the deal too, do not see this the right way to go about it. In January of this year for instance, they had called out to the US President to abide by the deal and drop its sanctions on Iran. The deal that was proclaimed to be a success by US and its European allies is very likely to fall apart under Trump's Presidency who has constantly criticized the deal to be "one of the worst deals".

In the meeting between the Israeli and the American leader on Monday, the two discussed this necessity of revising the deal and the focus on forcing Iran's hand out of Syria. They also spoke about the importance of building the new US embassy as soon as possible, with Trump declaring that he "may attend" the opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem. Furthermore, they also spoke about their ongoing efforts to broker a peace deal between Palestine and Israel which is very likely to not yield any positive outcome from the side of the Palestinians, who no longer see the US President as a neutral mediator because of his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, a city that both the parties have a dispute over.


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