Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said there are two methods in front of them to address tensions between Palestine and Israel in the Gaza strip.

Netanyahu said in a statement that the option of taking over the area has always been "one of the possibilities on the table."

"There are only two methods that we can deal with (in this situation). Either we invade, which is always an option. Or we will. Right now, we're pursuing the most drastic deterrence policy. However, I must say that we have not ruled out any possibility," he said.

Netanyahu said they hope to restore peace in the region as soon as possible and are doing everything they can to avoid civilian deaths.

"We did not want this tension. The root of this crisis lies in the cancellation of Palestinian elections. Hamas was confident it would gain power. When the elections were canceled, he used Jerusalem day celebrations to incite riots and incite violence in order to achieve his political ambitions," he said.

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