İrem UZUN -TDO- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for sanctions against the International Criminal Court, calling the ICC's investigation into Israel's actions against the Hamas terror organization in 2014 a "full frontal attack" on democracies' rights to self-defense. PM is planning to use the influx of foreign leaders to Israel for the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz's liberation to drum up support for efforts to block the International Criminal Court (ICC) from investigating war crimes, local media has reported.

"I think that everybody should rise up against this," the Israeli prime minister said in an interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest Christian television network. Netanyahu encouraged Americans to join in the call to sanction the ICC during an interview with Matt Crouch, which is scheduled to air Tuesday. "The U.S. government under President Trump has spoken forcefully against the ICC for this travesty, and I urge all your viewers to do the same. To ask for concrete actions, sanctions, against the international court - its officials, its prosecutors, everyone," he said.

Netanyahu's calls come months after Washington used a similar tactic to block a separate potential ICC investigation into its troops conduct in Afghanistan. It announced in March that it would deny entry to ICC officials, and later revoked a visa held by the ICC chief prosecutor. It was not clear if Netanyahu intended to also block ICC officials from entering the country, which could hamper its work because Israel controls access to the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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