Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Negotiations between the United States and North Korean delegations, which were launched in the Swedish capital Stockholm, aimed at preventing North Korea's nuclear weapons testing activities were halted.

North Korean Chief Negotiator Kim Myong Gil, his country's embassy building in Stockholm, said in a statement to members of the press, the talks did not meet the expectations and therefore stopped, he said.

The United States' negotiation table by bringing something new, suggesting that almost empty-handed Kim, this situation is uncomfortable, he added.

The statement of the United States Department of Foreign Affairs on the subject, the comments of the North Korean side of the comments about the negotiations lasted 8 and a half hours, allegedly did not reflect the content or spirit of negotiations.

Morgan Ortagus, the US State Department spokesman, said his country was offering creative ideas and had a good conversation with North Korean counterparts.

Negotiations began under intense security measures at the Villa Elfvik Strand facilities in Lidingö, Stockholm.

North Korea demands the abolition of sanctions against the country and the United States demands that North Korea end its efforts to test and produce nuclear weapons.

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