Mustafa AY – TDO – 18.09.2017 In Gothenburg - the second largest city of Sweden-, Pro-Nazi group named ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’ (Nordiska motståndsrörelsen) conducted a parade with the aim of honoring Nazi ideology. That Swedish police forces did not intervene into the parade prompted the public astonishment. In the midst of the parade, some counter demonstrator fought the Pro-Nazi group members. Police forces accompanying with Nazi supporters immediately intervened into the fight. Following the incident, Jenny Widen -Police Spokesman- said that they did not make any apprehension.  

Besides, Nordic Resistance Movement announced that they are planning to arrange a march on September 30. According to this plan, Group members will pass by a Synagogue and harass Jews by singing Nazi march. There is an important reason arising from September 30. That is the date’s gravity in terms of Judaism. According to Judaism, September 30 is accepted as ‘Yom Kippur’ which is a day of redemption and penitence. Following the announcement of Pro-Nazi group, Swedish Jews Community’s important figures requested police to let the venomous Nazi group exhibit their march as planned. The reaction of Jewish Community was interpreted as ‘interesting’ by many Swedish people. 

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