Hassam Hameed-TDO-26.12.2017- Alexei Navalny has been barred from competing for the presidential election next year. He is being charged with corruption which he claims to be politically motivated. Navalny has urged his supporters to boycott the election.

Navalny is considered to be only opposition leader who could challenge President Vladimir Putin’s vote bank. Election commission voted unanimously against Navalny’s bid for presidential election, who has been served a 5 year suspended sentence for embezzlement which the commission considers to be a “serious” crime, hence it has barred Navalny from fighting the election next year. 

Navalny argued at the commission that his sentence was lifted by European Court of Human Rights. Supporters are being urged to boycott the election, so the turn out gets lower and the legitimacy of election can get questioned."We are declaring a strike by voters. We will ask everyone to boycott these elections. We will not recognise the result," Navalny told journalists. 

Mr Putin will be elected as president for the fourth time without facing any unease from opposition. He will be the longest serving leader after Joseph Stalin.

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