News Center -TDO- Spain Ambassador to Turkey Juan Gonzalez-Barba and his spouse hosted a reception at Ankara Sheraton Hotel in consequence of National DAy of Spain “Fiesta Nacional”.

Deputy Foreign Minister and EU Minister Faruk Kaymakcı, foreign mission chiefs in Ankara, academics and invited guests attended to the reception.

The reception began with the recitation of the National Anthem and the Spanish national anthem.

Ambassador Gonzalez-Barba made the keynote speech, noting that cooperation and harmony in the relations between Spain and Turkey are at a high level politically. "In the field of Economics, Trade and investments, Spain and Turkey relations are a success story," he said. Ambassador Gonzalez-Barba added that bilateral trade volume reached € 13 million in 2018.

Ambassador Gonzalez-Barba said “such close relations owe much to the relations achieved and encouraged by the European Union, in which Spain has been a member state since 1986 and Turkey has been a candidate country with the full support of Spain since 1999. As a small indication of this intense cooperation within the EU framework, I should mention almost thirty twinning projects funded by the EU and carried out by Spain. Five of these are already underway in very sensitive areas such as justice and Home Affairs, which; this is a testament to the mutual trust between the public administrations of the two countries.”

Deputy Minister Faruk Kaymakcı said that Spain is one of Turkey's biggest commercial partners in Europe and said, "Turkey and Spain are NATO allies, and NATO allies support each other at a difficult time. Spain is also an example of this, with Patriot batteries in Adana supporting Turkish air defense. It's called friendship and solidarity."

Deputy Minister Faruk Kaymakcı, said: "As we deal with a NATO crisis in Syria and terrorist attacks against our towns, our people and Syrians from the other side of the border, unfortunately some of our allies in NATO have decided to withdraw their support. We went into another operation in northern Syria. Our goal is to clear the border with Turkey, which is also the border with NATO and Europe, from terrorism, from the PYD/YPG and from ISIS. We are now in the western part of the Euphrates and now we have to go east of the Euphrates. Our goal is to allow the Syrians to return to the safe zone to be created, this is our operational purpose. We have no problem with the Kurds, 300 thousand Syrian Kurds are being hosted in Turkey and they want to return to their hometown in northern Syria."

"Geography is destiny" by Ibn Khaldun, an Islamic scholar who grew up in Andalusia, reminded Deputy Minister Kaymakcı and said "Turkey's geography is Europe. We strive to transform our destiny towards the positive course and towards EU membership. EU membership is strategic for Turkey. Turkey is committed to the EU process and we welcome Spain's support on this path.”

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