News Center -TDO- The ambassador of Maciej Lang, Ambassador of Poland to Poland, gave a reception at the embassy. Mission chiefs in the capital, military firefighters and many guests attended the reception.

The reception started with the reading of national anthems. Then Deputy Minister of National Defense, Guney Alpay, took the floor and said that there are not many states in history that have so long and intense connections.

This fateful friendship has spread to a wide range over time, and nowadays, politics is advancing to every area, watching the developments that follow a path Alpay, said:

"Poland's support for Turkey's EU accession process and Turkey's support for Poland's NATO membership in 1999 have contributed to the development of political relations and our bilateral relations have been moved to a strategic partnership level in 2009.

Ambassador Lang noted that Poland will celebrate the 100th year of independence next year.

After the conversation, guests were served food and drink.

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