News Center -TDO- Canada’s Ambassador to Turkey Christopher John Cooter and his spouse Karen Blumenschein hosted a reception at the Canadian Embassy in consequence of the National Day of Canada.

Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, mission representatives and many other guests attended to the reception. ’

Speaking at the event, which started with the singing of the national anthems of the two countries, Ambassador Cooter emphasized the importance of Canadian society on gender equality and inclusion policies. Reminding that Canada is the second largest country in the world, Ambassador Cooter said that Canada has a greater responsibility for future generations in the field of environmental protection.

Ambassador Cooter said that his country's economy is strong, but more advanced technology should be focused on. "We are third in the world in artificial intelligence. We owe it to 55 percent of the world's Canadian adults to receive higher education. In this context, the number of Canadians of Turkish origin is increasing, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has consistently stated that the power of diversity is Canada's power and accordingly Canada's doors remain open to immigrants and students with determination. Strengthen diversity in the area. Our efforts to diversify our external relations no longer a priority. Our partner Turkey plays a key role in the G20 and NATO. Taking the area of ​​security that protects against Islamophobia, Arakanese refugees we will work together to make the world safer by supporting values ​​such as principles and combating crime in the human rights field, as we have seen in the Syrian tragedy, and our dialogue on democracy and human rights will strengthen."

Emphasizing that the Canadian companies that have partnered with Turkish companies should take part in the global competition, Ambassador Cooter said that the necessary support will be given to accelerate these ideas under the roof of JETCO.

Zehra  Zümrüt  Selçuk said in her speech that diplomatic relations with Canada are based on historical foundations and that the ties of friendship between the two countries continue to develop and congratulate Canada on the occasion of the national day.

Minister Selcuk also said, "The most important symbols of friendship and solidarity among our peoples, the Gallipoli spirit is getting stronger every year."

Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services pointed out that this spirit is mutually maintained with the monuments erected in both countries and said that the monument erected on behalf of Martyr Colonel Atilla Altikat of the Embassy of Ottawa Embassy symbolized this spirit.

Pointing out that cooperation with Canada and the United Nations and multilateral platforms such as the G20 on the basis of common values ​​has been developed and the fight against international terrorism has been fought together, Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said: "Memorandum of understanding signed in June 2019 with the aim of establishing a Joint Economic and Commercial Cooperation Committee (JETCO) between our countries was one of the important steps taken in this direction. Our bilateral trade volume with Canada exceeding $ 3 billion in 2018 is pleasing but not sufficient. We believe that it would be beneficial to start the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations without wasting time in addition to strengthening our cooperation in the fields of education and culture. We are proud that our society is demonstrating an example of successful integration."

Minister Selçuk's congratulating the first championship in the history of the Canadian Basketball team Toronto Raptors received great applause from the guests.

The event continued with the concerts.

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