News Center –TDO-  Reception at the Ankara Palas Ambassador İnan Özyildiz, diplomatic mission representatives and other invited guests attended the Ambassador of Ankara Ambassador Edward Gradilone.

Gradilone said, "We will celebrate the 160th anniversary of the official diplomatic relations between Brazil and Turkey in 2018. We therefore plan various organizations and celebration programs." said.

"We have a strong cooperation in the field of trade, 35 Brazilian footballers are running in Turkey, Brazilian tourists have a lot of interest in Turkey, and our singers, authors and academicians are participating in various events in Turkey. . " said.

Ambassador Özyıldız stated that Health Minister Ahmet Demircan could not attend the reception because of the change in the program.

Celebrating the national day of Brazil, Özyıldız said, "Brazil is one of the countries where relations among Latin American countries are advanced, and we are our strategic partner and the biggest commercial partner in the region." expression.

The program, Assoc. Dr. Lilian Tonella concluded with the piano play of Tüzün.

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