News Centre –TDO- On the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the National & Independence Day of Bangladesh, a reception was held at Swissotel in Ankara.

At the reception hosted by Allama Siddiki, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Turkey, welcomed the guests at the entrance of the ballroom.

Ambassador Allama Sıddiki, showed the photo exhibition regarding the development, infrastructure projects, history and natural beauties of the country to the Deputy Prime Minister  Hakan Çavuşoğlu, The reception commenced with the  national anthems of the two countries.

Speaking at the reception, Ambassador Allama Siddiki said, "We recognize the great sacrifices our people have made. We remembered and payed respect to  the freedom fighters who have lost their lives 47 years ago. I would like to mention that we are celebrating the 47th year and toda, though we have some challenges we have achieved tremendous successes both in social and economic aspects. For this reason, the United Nations will raise the category of Bangladesh from the least developed countries to developed countries category in the coming years."

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