Serhat TUNAR -TDO- NASA made an announced on its website and announced that efforts to reconnect with Opportunity, which had been in contact with the World in a sandstorm in Mars last June, were unsuccessful.

In a statement from NASA, the latest attempt to connect with Opportunity, which had recently contacted the World on June 10, was also inconclusive, and the panels of the solar powered vehicle were estimated to be under sand cover after the storm.

"One of the most successful and long-running examples of interplanetary exploration efforts, NASA's Opportunity navigator mission has come to the end of its 15-year research activity on the surface of Mars. Opportunity's efforts have paved the way for NASA's return to the Red Planet.”

With the 15-year discovery activity of the Opportunity, humanity had reached the unknown areas of Mars for the first time, traces of water were found on the surface of Mars and the possibility of life could be evaluated. "Opportunity's legacy is still continuing the Curiosity and InSight reconnaissance vehicles crossing the Mars surface," said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA's Director of Science Missions.

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