Selin ATAY-TDO- A campaign on social media calling for protesters to deliberately block roads in the country's main city started gaining traction early on Wednesday. Its motivation was to keep civil servants from going to work and hinder the movements of security forces.

Dubbed "Road Blocking Day", it saw many posting pictures online of vehicles with raised bonnets and boots parked across key roads, making the streets impassable to traffic. It is reported that some of the public buses stop and block junctions in Yangon.

“Road Blocking Day” is the latest in a mounting civil disobedience movement, which has also seen strikes by doctors and teachers, and boycotts of products and services owned by the military. The goal is to cripple the functions of government and undermine the new regime's legitimacy.

Reporters estimated that around 100,000 people flooded the Sule area on Wednesday. Other similarly huge crowd gathered at Hledan near Yangon University. Furthermore, there were smaller protests near the Central Bank, the United States of America embassy and the United Nation office.

It is reported that protesters have taken to the streets almost every day for the past fortnight, and these were some of the biggest protests since the coup.

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