Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- United Nations (UN) Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  Commissioner Michelle Bachelet condemned the use of violence by security forces against anti-coup demonstrators in Myanmar.

Bachelet called the use of real munitions by Myanmar security forces against protesters "utterly abhorrent" and added, "Myanmar's military must stop killing and imprisoning protesters."

Bachelet stressed that she was also appalled by the documented attacks on emergency medical personnel and ambulances trying to treat the injured.

Bachelet confirmed that at least 54 people have been killed by police and military officials since the February 1st coup, but stressed that the actual death toll could be much higher than the number the Office can confirm.

Bachelet said the exact numbers were unknown, adding that hundreds of people were injured in the demonstrations.

Since February 1st, at least 1,700 people have been arbitrarily arrested and detained, including members of parliament, political activists, teachers, health workers, civil servants, monks, and celebrities, Bachelet said.

"Myanmar's military has to stop killing and imprisoning protesters," Bachelet said, noting that security forces have also arrested at least 29 journalists.

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