News Center-TDO- Hosted by Massimo Gaiani, Italy's Ambassador to Turkey, a reception was held for the Director General of State Opera and Ballet Murat Karahan to be awarded the Order of the Italian State.

In addition to Ambassador Massimo Gaiani, Murat Karahan, actor Çağlar Ertuğrul and many distinguished guests attended the reception.

Ambassador Massimo Gaiani, who made the opening speech, stated that Murat Karahan is as famous in Italy as in Turkey and said he is very proud of them for conferring the Order of the Italian State on him.

In his speech, Murat Karahan said, "As you know, it is an award that was announced by the Italian State and the President. As a Turkish artist, I am thrilled and proud that such an award was announced on the occasion of contributing to the Turkish-Italian cultural exchange."

Stating that he always does his duty as an artist, Karahan said, "Art is soft power, and it is perhaps the most beautiful and easiest element to bring people and countries closer together. We, as artists, try to fulfil our duty. As an opera singer, I have always loved the art of opera. "I am making a great effort to spread the word in the world and for a Turkish artist to perform an international art in the world. These efforts have paid off. This is a great pride and happiness," he said.

After the presentation of the Order of the State, Karahan sang an Italian and a Turkish piece.

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