It is reported that Hüsyein Cihan, driver to the Elected Mufti of Iskece (Xanthi) Ahmet Mete has been kidnapped by members of the OI FROUROI TIS THRAKIS organisation.Ahmet Mete, Mufti of Iskece has delivered a written statement on the matter which stated that a masked group calling themselves “the Guardians of Thrace” had kidnapped an imam and threatened him with death and added “Dark forces in Western Thrace are trying to disrupt the peace for the minority and the majority alike.”The full statement by Mufti Ahmet Mete is as follows:“The Muslim Turkish minority of Western Thrace has, as we have always emphasised, never sympathised with terrorism or violations of human rights and on the contrary it has always strictly condemned them and will continue to do so.“At a time in which the world is experiencing many troubles and Greece and economic crisis, there are difficulties in our region. Dark forces in Western Thrace are trying to disrupt the peace for the minority and the majority alike. It should be clear that such troubles affect everyone equally. “On Thurday, January 28th a relative of mine, who is an imam and a family friend came to visit me at my residence. Wanting to take care of some business on the way, he stepped out of his car, only to be forcefully put in a van, gagged and insulted by a groups of masked assailants who also wore gloves and appeared to be knowledgeable about and trained in what they were doing. In the moving van, insults were hurled towards my person, with the assailants saying that I should take care, that they knew about my activities, that they would kill me and harm my children, after which my friend the imam was left by the side of the road without battery.
“CCTV cameras were checked upon filing a complaint with the police and the group calling themselves the Guardians of Thrace are being searched for.“I would like to thank the director of security and security forces and emphasise that we wish the perpetrators caught for the good of all who live in Western Thrace.Five years ago, an imam with whom I worked closely had been assaulted and now, another imam with whom I work closely has been threatened and insulted to send me a message. I will now disclose what I have not done so before. Since my election as mufti I have received threats in the mail and on the street vocally, which I have not taken seriously. I do not take them seriously now. I have never done anything for which I should be frightened and I will not do so. For those who do not know, I would like to say that my family has had members of it killed fighting for Greece. We have proven ourselves in the eyes of those fighting for Greece. We have not done so from within unmarked vans while wearing masks and gloves, but by openly shedding our own blood. We are ready for similar sacrifices in the defence of the country once again, should it be needed. The minority has had many of its members martyred in this cause. With the facts being so plain, to blame the minority with dark deeds is ruthless slander. “The imams serving the Muslim Turks of Western Thrace and the muftis elected by the minority are under threat. This should be communicated to the public. I would like to let you know that the Greek state will be held responsible, should something befall me or my family. “I urge all members of our minority and all of our clergy to not to give in to provocations and not to abandon their duties. All is with the righteous.”

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