Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Italy has decided to proceed with the barrier project Mose, which was started years ago to protect the city of Venice, which has been hit by the worst flooding in the last 50 years but has been interrupted by corruption.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who was visiting the historic city flooded by excessive rainfall, announced an emergency decision had been made for Venice. Measures to protect the city from similar natural disasters include a barrier project called Mose.

The first drawings of the project, Mose, which was developed to protect Venice, famous for its canals, from being flooded, were made in 1984. The goal of the project was to close the Venice lagoon with barriers when needed, so that it could protect the city when the tide event occurred and the sea level rose.

The name Mose, derived from the acronym for the words" Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico" (experimental electromechanical module), was chosen in reference to the Prophet Moses, who is believed to have bisected the Red Sea with his staff.

The project, which began construction during the Berlusconi government in 2003, is expected to end in 2016. But bribery and corruption prevented Mose from ending in time.

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