Selin ATAY-TDO- Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow's mayor, who has implemented softer isolation practices than many European capitals, claimed that half of population are immune to coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a speech on state television, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin argued that the strategy of controlling the coronavirus they are implementing is working, and he also said that there are no plans to implement stricter isolation in Moscow.

“The current option we have implemented to slow the outbreak is restrictive measures. The second option is herd immunity, which all scientists and experts are talking about. Research conducted in Moscow shows that about 50 percent of the population is immune to coronavirus. But no one can guarantee that a second disease will not come,” Sobyanin said in a statement

Moscow has taken smaller measures against coronavirus than European cities. Instead of completely closing restaurants, bars, shops and other public spaces, Moscow imposed softer restrictions and adopted a policy of isolation based on personal responsibility. However with the increase in cases, Moscow has also begun to increase the capacity of hospitals.

Under current isolation measures in Moscow, which have been extended until January 15th, nightclubs and bars are kept open until 11 p.m. In addition, indoor concerts and outdoor football matches also operate with limited capacity.

In Moscow, which has a population of about 13 million, the number of people who died as a result of Kovid-19 in October increased almost 4 times compared to the previous month, reaching 2,200. In Moscow, more than 6 thousand new cases were detected the previous day, while about 700 thousand people were treated in hospital.

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