Moroccan-born German citizen Abdulkerim El, who served one year in prison in Turkey in 2014, is now detained in Germany and faced trial. He is being accused of being an ISIS militant.
A year after his passport application in 2014 to the German Embassy in Ankara, he was released and flown to Germany was detained in Düsseldorf Airport.
Prosecutor Carola Bitter accused El of torturing enemy soldiers’ corpses as he was allegedly cutting their noses and ears while recording the footage through a cell phone’s camera.
Defence Secretary Oliver Gorski asserted that this case is a new example in Germany for the field of penal law and added that he thinks such example would not be considered as a crime in Syria.
Abdulkerim El refused the accusations and said that his presence in Syria was only to drive an ambulance.
If verdict is not going to be on El’s favour, who is also allegedly being accused of fighting alongside with rebels against Assad government, will serve 10 years in prison.
Mete Ersöz

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