News Center -TDO- Mongolia’s Ambassador to Turkey Ankara Bold Ravdan and his spouse Oyun Mijiddorj hosted a reception at Ankara Sheraton Hotel in consequence of the 50th anniversary of Turkish-Mongolian diplomatic relations and Mongolian National and Armed Forces Day.

The reception was attended by Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Alpaslan Kavaklioglu, Deputy Minister of National Defence, as well as several representatives of diplomatic missions.

The reception began with the playing of the national anthems of the two countries after Ambassador Ravdan greeted the guests at the door.

Ambassador Ravdan said that although official relations between the two countries were established 50 years ago, historical and cultural ties and the friendship between Mongolian-Turkish people’s dates back far.

Recalling the signing of the friendly relations and cooperation agreement between Mongolia and Turkey in 1995, Ravdan said the two countries had developed a comprehensive partnership relationship since 2004.

Ambassador Ravdan, pointing out that they aim to increase the trade volume between the two countries to $ 300 million and said: "We have many opportunities and areas to achieve this goal. That's why last year we started exploring the possibilities of creating a Free Trade Agreement."

Mutual visa-free travel and direct flights of Turkish Airlines create a favorable environment for the development of Tourism, Ambassador Ravdan said:

"Today, Mongolia Airlines-MIAT, Ulaanbaatar-Antalya charter flight was realized for the first time. Many of our Turkish brothers wish to see Mongolia to visit the ancestral lands. This is why the presidents and governments of the two countries have agreed to work together to establish a tourist complex in the Orhun Valley in central Mongolia."

Referring to Turkey's role in the fight against terrorism, Ambassador Ravdan said: "We are aware that our Turkish brothers bear the main burden of the regional humanitarian crisis on their shoulders. Furthermore, we are aware and appreciate that our Turkish brothers play a leading role in the fight against international terrorism. Mongolia always supports Turkey's struggle for justice, existence and Development."

Minister Ersoy, in his speech here, said that Turkey and Mongolia are the inheritors of a close history and "Mongolia has a special place in the deep conversation we hear in the ancestral homeland," he said. "Turkey has always supported Mongolia's integration into the world internationally and is very pleased to offer all kinds of support for its political, economic and social development," he said.

"Tourism Business Forum" will be held between Turkey and Mongolia on 6th of December in Istanbul, Minister Ersoy shared the information, then Mongolia's Minister of Environment and Tourism Namsrai Tserenbat said they will hold bilateral talks. Ersoy, Tserenbat and the accompanying delegation will be hosted in Istanbul on December 7-8, he said.

Minister Ersoy stated that they are always trying to show Turkey's friendship with infrastructure projects as well as art and culture and said “Through the presidency of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), we carry out many projects in Mongolia ranging from education, health, culture, transport, agriculture and animal husbandry. I have no doubt that we will carry our relations into the future even stronger in mutual cooperation and solidarity."

The reception ended after Minister Ersoy and Ambassador Ravdan cut the celebratory cake.

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