Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Moldova does not want the country's language to be referred to as Romanian, the official language of neighboring Romania. On Friday a statement issued by the Romanian Academy, funded by the Romanian state, and angered Moldovans by explaining that Moldovan is a dialect of Romanian. Moldova doesn't want the country to be called Romanian.

Romanian French German is the language spoken by Austrians or Belgian Walloons speak French and they do not name it any different, "the Romanian Academy said in a statement, arguing that Moldovan should be called Romanian only. To treat Moldovan as a language separate from Romanian is to distort cultural and identity facts. It is an ideological manipulation that the international community will not accept."

The Academy's announcement came after Moldova's new President Igor Dodon said about Moldavian at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Due to the policies of the new governments in both countries, neighborly relations are on a negative course.

The pro-Putin Dodon, who took office in 2016 and has close ties with Russia, had made statements targeting Romania's new leader Ludovic Orban, who took the seat in 2019 and wants to improve relations with Brussels and Bucharest.

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