Mustafa AY –TDO– 11.09.2017 Amnesty International indicted Myanmar of systematically carrying out genocide against Rohingyan Muslims by planting mine across Bangladesh border. That 2 Muslims got heavily injured owing to mines on Sunday stimulated Amnesty International finally. The reason behind such attacks of Myanmar is 300.000 Rohingyan Muslims moving through Bangladesh border. Myanmar administration does not want them to abandon the country, but wants to implement isolation policy toward them like no food and no other basic life needs as well as ongoing carnage in the region. This policy means ethnic cleansing, nothing else.

World keep silent, even though the ethnic carnage is in progress. UN, EU and Amnesty International haven’t taken any concrete step for ceasing this awful happening. This situation is also deemed as astonishing by Muslim states. For example, that EU rejected the bill concerning Rohingyan Muslims last week is the real testimony of this international silence towards the horrific happenings.

On September 4th, Myanmar Army reportedly pushed 15 thousand Rohingyan Muslims to the border of Bangladesh. But, it is not over with pushing them out of country. Army launched a military maneuver by planting mines across the border on the pretext of ‘security measure’. However, it is the indication of blockade of Rohingyan Muslims so that they can’t go out of country which is equivalent to voluntary manslaughter.  Within the last week, 2 elderly women got injured from their legs due to the mines. They lost their legs. Many mine-victims either lose their lives or bleed to death. That’s why, it is vital to avert the ongoing the religious-based persecutions and genocide as immediately as possible. Otherwise, Rohingyan Muslims will be exposed to deprivation of their life likewise in the past genocide costing hundreds of thousands of Rohingyan Muslim’s life up till today.



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