Hassam Hameed-TDO-30.01.2018- Afghanistan is hit by a wave of targeted attacks, counting to 3 in last 10 days. Attack on Monday was on military base near the military academy which is a training center for high-ranking officers. At least 11 soldiers have been killed in the attack by 5 militants, who entered the premises pre-dawn at 05:00 local time.

"Two bombers detonated themselves and two were killed by our forces and one was detained alive," the spokesman, Dawlat Waziri, told AFP. This attack had 11 soldiers killed and 16 soldiers wounded. Whereas 2 of the militants blew themselves up, 2 were killed by security forces and 1 was detained alive, also 4 AK-47 rifles, a suicide vest and a rocket launcher were seized by security forces. Militants could not enter the fortified compound as security forced blocked the road going to it. IS has claimed responsibility for this attack.

Afghanistan has been hit  by a series of attacks, in last few days since the explosive-packed ambulance exploded in a densely crowded area of Kabul, killing 103 and wounding 235. On 20th January militants stormed Intercontinental hotel in Kabul killing 20(most of them were foreigners). Also last week in Jalalabad an attack on a charity organization had at least 5 people killed.

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