İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-German Minister of Defense,Ursula von der Leyen, said that in the next seven years, the number of soldiers in her country’s army (Bundeswehr) will be increased from 170,000 to 198,000.

At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Europe will be unable to ensure its own security without US support,at the Munich Security Conference.

As German Ministry of Defensedeclared, Leyen said “The Bundeswehr is in demand like never before. In the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group (Daesh), in the stabilization of the situation in Mali, or the NATO presence in the Baltic States".However, there are some problems about the issue.

Political analyst Dmitry Dobrov wrote an article for RIA Novosti. In his article, he argued, Germany cannot be called a full-fledged military power and is not suitable for maintaining the leading role in protecting Europe. He added that Germany did not have a global strategy like US, Russia or China, to guarantee security abroad.

Moreover, Hellmut Konigshaus who is the head of German Parliament’s Defense Committeesaid Bundeswehr’s current technical equipment was out of synchronization with the foreign missions in the framework of NATO.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Germans donot approve of the country's militarization. According to opinion polls, about 58 percent of Germans oppose their country to lend military support to its allies in the event of a possible military attack against them,

Each US administration tried to encourage its European ally’s military support in abroad mission. The new U.S. President, Donald Trump, complained about the problem of unfair burden sharing in the union and even threatened other members tostop providing help unless they take more responsibility to fulfill common goals. Another long-termed problem about the issue is; conducting a new European army, different from NATO, under EU or not. As the biggest economic and political power in the union, it is expected from Germany to take step but it seems not possible in near future. 

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