News Center -TDO- MIKTA Film Days event, chaired by Turkey, was held at Ankara CerModern Art Center with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and in cooperation with the Ankara Embassies of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea and Australia, which are MIKTA members.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director of the European Union (EU) Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, ambassadors of Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Peru, the Philippines, Korean and El Salvador, Brazil embassy undersecretaries and guests attended the opening of the event.

Making the opening speech, Ambassador Kaymakcı said, "MIKTA was born in Mexico 10 years ago and it does not have a very rigid structure, it has a flexible structure. 5 heavyweight strategic countries in the most important regions of the world cooperate in many issues, especially in regional and global issues, thanks to MIKTA. What I like is that MIKTA is a very efficient organization. It does not have a secretariat, it has no cost. When necessary, the countries that assume the term presidency direct MIKTA and these 5 important countries consult on international issues. We, as Turkey, assumed the term presidency of MIKTA in March. "We tried to use MIKTA as effectively as possible. Our foreign ministers met in Mali. We made programs for our young diplomats. In the coming period, we will hold events related to the youth of MIKTA countries." said.

The event started with the screening of the movie "Broker Trailer" from South Korean cinema. Then, the films "Museo" from Mexico and "Champion for Us" from Turkey met with the audience. On the second day of the event (22.07.2022), the films "Sultan Augung" from Indonesia and "The Sapphires" from Australia will meet with the audience.

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