İrem UZUN –TDO- A fire broke out on Sunday at a container inside a crowded refugee camp on the eastern Greek island of Lesbos which is close to Turkey and one person died, emergency services said. The fire has started during a protest inside the camp against the notoriously over crowdedness of the camp, where migrants are often housed in cargo containers converted into shelters, hosts around 13,000 people, mostly Afghans, while its facilities are for 3,000 people.

A burned body was brought to a local hospital and there was information about an unconfirmed second death, police said. The protesters were demanding to be transferred to the Greek mainland."The situation is tense," Lesbos Mayor Stratis Kytelis said. "There is information about a dead mother and her child. We haven't been able to confirm that yet." Later on, UNHCR Greece tweeted that "we learned with deep sadness that the lives of a woman and a child were lost in a fire on [Lesbos] today".

Greece is hosting around 70,000 mostly Syrian refugees and migrants who have fled their countries since 2015 and crossed over from neighboring Turkey. However, the number of arrivals has been steadily climbing in recent months causing a dangerous burden in the camps of the islands that are at the edge of the migrant influx.

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