Two migrants have been found hidden in a car, and a third migrant in a suitcase in Ceuta, Spain

Mahin Siddiki – TDO –Upon checking a car on Monday, police in Ceuta found a man and a woman hidden in the dashboard and the hollowed backseat of a car. Both were given first-aid due to the lack of oxygen in the places where they were hiding. Both man and woman are thought to be Guineans.

Separately, a young African man, thought to be from Gabon, was found in a woman’s suitcase on the 30th of December. Again, due to lack of breathing space, he was given first aid. A 22 year-old Moroccan woman tried to smuggle him in, but customs officials asked that she open her suitcase, and found the migrant inside.

These incidents coincided with a mass attempt of 1,100 sub-Saharan African migrants to storm through the 20 ft. border fence that separates Morocco and Ceuta. None got through the border, but two people were injured and taken to a hospital in Ceuta. Fifty Moroccan and five Spanish border guards were injured.

Another such attempt was taken by 400 migrants on the 9th of December. Such attempts are common from illegal sub-Saharan African migrants living in Morocco, who want to reach Europe. Melilla, another Spanish enclave which shares borders with North Africa, is similarly targeted.

Enclaves like Ceuta and Melilla are the only land borders between Africa and Europe, and therefore are subjected to such attempts. Most migrants are intercepted and returned back to Morocco, and the few who make it are eventually repatriated or released.

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