News Centre -TDO- On September 16, the Mexican Embassy in Turkey marked the 200 years of the Independence of Mexico with a series of celebrations in Ankara.

The festivities included the reinauguration of the Meksika Parkı, jointly with the Çankaya municipality. During the ceremony, the Ambassador of Mexico, Mr. José Luis Martínez y Hernández, and Çankaya Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Gülsün Bor Güner unveiled a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

 Located in the Yıldız district of Çankaya, the Mexico Park was inaugurated in 2010 by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Patricia Espinosa, and the former Mayor of Çankaya, Mr. Bülent Tanık.

Likewise, on the night of September 16, Çankaya´s Atakule building was lit with the colors of the Mexican flag and guests of the commercial complex were able to briefly “experience Mexico” through a series of videos that were displayed on the indoor screens.

 As part of the celebrations, on September 17, The Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) will perform a concert with Latin American music to commemorate the Bicentennial anniversaries of Independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Brazil. The concert was organized by the Embassies of these countries, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and the CSO.

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