According to a report by an investigative journalist Carmen Aristegui, a large part of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto' thesis is stolen.
Working as the president of Mexica since the 2012 elections, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has graduated from the Panamerican University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law. In 1984, enrolled in the Panamerican University, Pena Nieto wrote an academic thesis entitled"Mexican Presidentialism and Álvaro Obregón" (presidencialismo El mexicano y Álvaro Obregón) expounds upon the comparison between the Mexican presidential system to that of parliamentary. However, according to journalist Aristegui' claims, Peña Nieto used the works of at least 10 authors, including the work of former Mexican president, without giving references. The report alsostated that the study of Pena Nieto plagiarized 197 of the 682 paragraphs within his thesis, which translates to at least 28.8% of the content.
Because of the corruption scandals, 43 university students were killed by the state linked mafia members, the rise of military force and oppressive attitude of the government, President Peña is under criticism and support to him is in decline since 2012. Now Peña Nieto seems to be in trouble because of the accusations of plagiarism.
Aristegui, the journalist claiming plagiarism, lost her job in 2015 after her reporting Mexican first lady Angelica Rivera’s mansion which was built in Mexico City for $7 millions of dollars. Since then, Aristegui has been publishing news on her own website (Aristegui News).Commenting on the issue, spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said that there is only errors that occurred between Peña Nieto' work and the previous studies, but they can only be stated as minor errors about giving references.Nuran YILDIRIM

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