Serhat TUNAR -TDO- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked citizens to reduce socialization, saying the government will take further measures after the highest loss of life in the country since the pandemic began, despite long-running restrictions.

In her speech in parliament, Merkel said: "I apologize with all my heart, that 590 deaths per day are unacceptable. Scientists are pleading for us to cut off socializing for a week over the Christmas holiday period. It is very worrying that the number of people needing intensive care is increasing. If we don't take precautions right now, this could be our last Christmas holiday. And we'll do everything we can to avoid that."

December 24 January and January 10, Merkel said that scientists should take what they say seriously, and continued his speech as follows: "We are advised to have a very tight shutdown. State governments should consider closing schools before Christmas. It's unacceptable to see someone running from one wine stand to another during this holiday period. The government's rules require not to do so. We only allowed restaurants and cafes to serve takeaways."

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