German Chancellor Angela had recently announced that Germany, a top target for refugees fleeing from war to Europe, would accept one million immigrants. Anti-refugee politicians from the south eastern state of Bavaria have protested Merkel.
Anti-immigration politicians organised a picket during the entry of coaches carrying refugees to Berlin and chanted “Merkel should go” in the presence of many members of the press.
Politician Peter Dreier, one of the organisers of the protests gave the following reason: “I am always for immigrants being settled in a humane way. They cannot be housed temporarily in sports halls and similar places. To put it openly, we do not have the capacity to house many immigrants humanely. That is why we have held this protest.”
Katarina Barley of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) said that protesters were being used for other purposes and criticised the Bavarian politicians. Barley said “To hold such protests over people in need of protection and who are looking for shelter is the worst form of populism. It is most inappropriate.”
By Mete Ersöz

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