The CDU (Christian Democratic Union) of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received 17.2 per cent of the vote in Berlin state elections and lost its coalitions rights. The recently rising far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 14.2 per cent of the vote, flexing its muscles against Merkel. It seems that although the AfD did not draw Merkel’s attention much when it first emerged, it has plenty of supporters in Berlin, the heart of Germany. Pundits have been concerned about the rise of the far right. It points in the direction of Germany turning towards anti-democratic traditionalist parties. Meanwhile, Merkel appears to be repentant, at every turn she more warmly welcomes criticism of her foreign policy and sometimes deems the criticism right. Will Merkel’s repentance be enough to keep her in office?By Beste Naz GÜLENYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of October

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