Hassam Hameed-TDO-05.03.2018- After a long wait Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to rule country for another term. She has called it as ‘good news’ for Germany. After a long stalemate, Social Democrats party has vowed to form coalition with CDU-CSU. Two third of SPD supported this deal.

Mrs Merkel said on Monday "Almost six months after the election, the people expect something to happen now". This took longest for Germany to from government since the war, and has been welcomed by governments across Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron said this is a “good news for Europe”. Mrs Merkel also said in her statement on Monday "We see that... Europe faces challenges and that a strong voice from Germany, along with that of France and other member states, is necessary".

Although SPD had to face strong opposition from its youth wing, which opposed this deal. But now with this deal, SPD will for hold six ministry positions including finance ministry.

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