Merkel is Determinant to Send Refugees to their Home


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gave a speech in the general assembly of German Civil Servants Union. She said they want to quicken the official process of sending immigrants back to their home country.

She added that this is not only the work of the Ministry of Interior Affairs but also the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She claimed that most of the immigrants came to Germany with economic concerns and actually they did not have to run away from their country.

She said that negotiations with Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco about the issue must be held in a respectful environment.

Unfortunately, home states of asylum-seekers were not willing to engage in a process of readmission and most of the time, negotiations stop. German Coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, demand the cut of monetary funding to those states unless they cooperate with German government.

Also, some German politicians argue that if an immigrant is determined as a ‘’dangerous radical Islamist’’ but there is not enough to arrest him, they should be forced to wear electronic handcuffs.

This seems like the recent development in the rise of Islamophobia, in Europe. It is significant to remind that; as long as the crime is proven, each suspect is innocent.

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