İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-12.09.2017- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there were no risks for Turkish citizens in Germany as it is a ‘’democratic, free and lawful’’ state in response to Turkish Foreign Ministry.

During a campaign meeting in Delbürck, Merkel stated ‘’ I want to say it openly that each Turkish citizen can travel to our country’’. She added ‘’ No journalist is being arrested, imprisoned in Germany, freedom of speech and rule of law are valid in our country and we are proud of it’’.

Also, German Social Democrat Party (SDP) leader and presidential candidate, Martin Schulz, criticized Turkish Foreign Ministry and worded ‘’ Turkish government know no bounds. Bilateral relations between Turkey and Germany should not be like this what Turkish government systematically try to sustain’’.  Moreover, he expressed ‘’ Germany is not a state that accept to be insulted by Turkey’’. Furthermore, he argued that Turkey was getting far away from the values of international relations and EU dangerously and called Turkey to cooperate.

Additionally, Secretary General of Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Peter Tauber, tweeted ‘’Did Erdoğan imposed this to prevent people to go to Germany, see and learn about how democracy, freedom of speech and openminded-ness empower a state?’’.

On Saturday, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement that warn Turkish citizens to not to go to Germany regarding increasing number of radical right and racist speeches.

Creating new, fake foreign enemies is a widely used method in order to raise their popularity or enstrangthen their authority by politicans. In Spring, during presidential campaign of Netherlands, several candidates ‘’used’’ this, made anonimous speeches towards Muslims, Turks, Turkey and presented immigration as a ‘’threat’’. Now, the same ‘’method’’ is being used by German politicians. Actually, Turkey is not a state that could be used to divert electors and avoid them to realize how their leader’s profiles and agendas are weak.

Besides, it is significant to remind all potential visitors to Germany that German democracy and freedom are only applicable to one’s that think like them. Their ‘’values’’ are valid under some specific ‘’conditions’’, in a certain ‘’perspective’’ and framework. History has proven this. 

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