Serhat TUNAR -TDO- German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked her British counterpart Boris Johnson to provide an alternative solution to the precautionary article on the Irish border, which is seen as the biggest challenge for Brexit.

Boris Johnson, who will also meet with the French President Emmanuel Macron, has made his first visit to Berlin in order to overcome the latest problems related to Brexit. Speaking at a press release after Merkel and Johnson's meeting, the German Chancellor said that they would find a solution within two years, but that this could be done within 30 days.

Merkel said that the United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union, but that the agreement with England should be loyal to earlier, and that the Republic of Ireland will remain a member of the EU. He added that a solution to the border issue with Northern Ireland should be resolved as soon as possible.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Theresa May period, stating that the protocol entered into a stalemate, enough patience and a positive approach to this situation is approached, said a solution can be produced. Johnson added that he has already participated in many EU negotiations, but for the first time, they have faced such an unchangeable and difficult substance.

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