Serhat TUNAR -TDO- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said companies were experiencing problems in employing qualified employees, warning that companies could leave Germany if there were not enough skilled workers.

In a recent weekly video message, Merkel said there are not enough skilled workers in every sector in the country.

Reminding that there were 5 million unemployed in Germany 15 years ago, Merkel said that nowadays companies have problems in employing qualified labor.

The German Chancellor stated that this problem was also experienced in the academic field and that many shopkeepers and companies were urgently looking for skilled workers, so efforts should be made for skilled workers. Merkel warned that if this is not achieved, companies will have to move to other countries.

Noting that 2.5 million people from European Union member states are happy to work in Germany, but this is not enough, Merkel also said efforts should be made for skilled workers from non-EU countries.

Merkel added that the law, which aims to regulate immigration to the German job market in an effort to close the skilled labour gap, will come into force in March 2020, lay the legal groundwork for the issue.

German Chancellor Merkel said a summit will be held on Monday (tomorrow), attended by companies, trade unions and related ministries.

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