Mustafa AY – TDO – 11.05.2018 As known, US President Donald Trump decided on withdrawing from Nuclear Accord named ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ signed with Iran. Following Trump’s astonishing decision, Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani stated that it would be wise if the remaining signatories keep fulfilling the economic promises and responsibilities given to Iran during the agreement. After Trump’s decision, France, Britain and Germany released a joint statement referring Iran to ‘show restraint’ against USA’s act of withdrawal, which means violation of agreement in effect. Moreover, all 3 countries underlied that they will remain loyal to the agreement if Iran show the same pattern concerning adherence to the terms of agreement. Besides Britain, France and Germany, Russia released a statement “Washington’s decision is totally ‘defiant contravention of international law’.”

On Thurday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Both leader talked about the future of Nuclear Accord. Merkel assured that they are loyal to the nuclear agreement. As in the official statement of 3 countries, Merkel repeated that Iran should proceed with obeying the terms of agreement. Besides, Merkel called for futher talks to be held for Iran’s ballistic missile program and military activities in Syria and Yemen. Even though Merkel called Rouhani for talks for abovementioned issues, Rouhani seemed reluctant to. Firstly, Rouhani said “our military presence in Syria and Yemen has a purpose for promotion of peace and security in the region…” Besides this, Rouhani talked about ballistic missile program and said that their ballistic missile program will not be a issue of international negotiation. After they finished the phone call, Iranian governemnt released an official statement: “the future of Nuclear Accord will be determined after we finish the talks with the remaining signatories of agreement. In case of getting favorable consequences from the talks, Iran will continue to obey the terms of agreement”.

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