News Center -TDO- In cooperation with TURKSOY, the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Gazi University and the Native Thought Association, the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the famous Kyrgyz director Bolot Şamşiyev was held at the Gazi University Conference Hall.

Chief Advisor to the Presidency Yalçın Topçu, Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY Assoc. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı, Ankara Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, Kyrgyz cinema artist Murat Mambetov and guests attended the event.

In his opening speech, Deputy Secretary General Bilal Çakıcı said that on the 75th anniversary of his birth, as TURKSOY, Secretary General Dusen Kaseinov presented the Order of Honor of TURKSOY to Bolot Şamşiyev for his contributions to the art of cinema in the Turkic World. He emphasized that they once again commemorate the director who passed away in 2019, hosted by TURKSOY.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Ömüraliyev emphasized that the great film director Bolot Şamşiyev, who is known as a person with superior talents and who laid the foundation of Kyrgyz cinema, introduced the Kyrgyz people to the world with his magnificent films.

Adapted from the world-famous Kyrgyz writer Cengiz Aytmatov's work "The White Ship", which contains deep philosophical thoughts, lifealiyev said that the film is one of the director's masterpieces. made movies. Although a number of new film directors have emerged over the years, I believe that Bolot Shamshiyev's films will never lose their currency.”

At the event, Presidential Chief Advisor Yalçın Topçu and Kyrgyz cinematographer Murat Mambetov gave speeches.

After the gift presentation, Shamshiev's movie "The White Ship" was shown to the participants.

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