Selin ATAY-TDO- 69 inmates broke out of a prison in Lebanon Saturday.

According to the national news agency, a group of 69 people, consisting of prisoners and inmates, beat up a security guard at dawn. Attacking the prison guard,  the prisoners then broke down the cell doors and collectively escaped.

After the mass escape, prison security officers began searching for prisoners. Prison security forces said that 5 prisoners who tried to leave the prison with a stolen car crashed into a tree on the road and lost their lives at the scene. 2 other prisoners in the same vehicle were also injured in a car accident that occurred during a chase with security forces.

all roads around the city of Baabda were closed to traffic by police and intelligence units.

As a result of the search for escaped prisoners, 10 prisoners were captured and sent to prison. Except for other prisoners who lost their lives, were injured and captured, those who escaped disappeared.

An investigation has been launched into the escape after a mass escape of 69 people.

Amnesty International said in April that prisoners frequently rioted in prisons in Lebanon. The organization's statement also said that the large number of prisoners in Lebanese prisons is laying the groundwork for the spread of coronavirus. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Amnesty International has called on Lebanon to release the prisoners.

In addition, the families of the prisoners held sit-ins, demanding that the prisoners be released.

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