Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, 32, announced on Wednesday (yesterday) that she had left the tennis. The famous athlete, 5 Grand Slam titles and Women's Tennis Association (WTA) ranking ended his career retirement, where he placed first.

Sharapova, who has not been able to reach full performance due to problems on her right shoulder for years, lost the last four games she played in major tournaments. Both games of Sharapova this season ended in defeat.

Sharapova, which has become one of the most followed athletes in the world, started to make its name by defeating Serena Williams in the Wimbledon tennis tournament final in 2004.

He then rose to number one and won 5 Grand Slam titles with 2 French Open and one Australian Open, American Open and Wimbledon championship. Maria Sharapova, who made her final Grand Slam final at the Australian Open in 2015, was second to defeat against Serena Williams.

In the statement made after the completion of the tournament, Sharapova, who was defeated by Williams in the Australian Open quarter finals of 2016, announced that the article named meldonium appeared in the blood after the quarter final. Sharapova, who declared that he was using this drug on the list of banned substances, was banned from participating in tournaments for about two years.

Following this decision, Sharapova, who applied to the Arbitral Tribunal, was sentenced to a reduction on the grounds that he could not be considered an intentional doping.

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