The revolutionary transformation process of Iraq for 25 years has spread to a new frontier with Syrian Civil War in 2011. While the population is being forced to migrate systematically, the ones who resisted were ruthlessly murdered. Documents that had been remained from the time of Ottomans, British and the French were burnt. To be honest, there are no major differences between the fire in the Library of Alexandria and Latins that vandalized Istanbul.One of the most important bargain points of Turkey on Syria with the US is the preservation the Syrian ethno-cultural infrastructure. At least, it was. Turkey directed to US that the PKK attacks in the West of Euphrates are unacceptable. At least, public sphere was relieved in Turkey after that. However, the process has been going on in unparallel way than it was promised. After two months, ISIS lost its control over ISIS. Although it seemed to defeat a terrorist organization by the Wst, it brought a new problem for Turkey and the US.Manbij’s invasion by PKK, scenes that had been not that different than 1991 and 2003 were leaked to press. Land and Civil Registry Offices were left unharmed by ISIS; yet PKK damaged them severely afterwards. With these incidents, the allegations were proved on that both Arab and Turkmen presence in Syria had been trying to be deteriorated.While Turkish Foreign Ministry renewed its remarks on the issue of the West of Euphrates, US released a statement on refreshing the hopes Manbij’s remaining as an Arab city.Similar statements were made for Kirkuk, Mosul, and Tuz Khormato. Iraq Diaries demonstrated that there were never good intensions. And now, same conditions are being applied to Manbij.The Effect of Russian-Turkish Relations on Syria’s FutureAs the hopes remain bright on BM’s statement on regional developments, latest remark saying they are following Turkish-Russian dialogue closely was striking.Russia’s idea of Turkey as a regional partner despite their increasing activity in Syria for the last two years and the environment for the clash among means an important deal for the sake of preserving Syria’s ethnic, social, and cultural infrastructure.The July 15 incident done by FETÖ has hit Turkish Foreign Policy and its regional activity primarily. Russia has a major role on preventing PKK to increase its presence in Northern Syria. In this matter, it is unlikely for Russia to be a part in the conflict; however a single statement towards Syrian regime can put Salih Müslim to a very difficult situation.What is wondered here is the fact that how Russia will seek common ground with Turkey on Syria’s future.Answer to that was given by the sources of Foreign Ministry. Authorities affirmed that negotiations could be conducted with Syrian government. The problem is: it is still unknown whether Bashar Al-Assad will respond affirmatively. Nevertheless, when gunfights between PKK and governmental forces from Damascus are projected in the news, it will pave the way for Syria and Turkey to seek a common ground. At that precise moment, it will be made certain for ISIS that there will be no room for them in the lands of Eastern Mediterranean. On the other side news for the violent clashes among regime opposition forces around Aleppo and ISIS, the call of West to ISIS and PKK for the Kurdish corridor that reaches Eastern Mediterranean will carry the message for the opposition forces that they will have no chance to live in the region in the future. Ýlker Yýlmaz

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