Robert HARNEIS -TDO- (FRANCE) - Jeffrey Epstein the man who ran a vast sex racket involving minors and famous people has died in his Manhattan prison. According to the prison authorities he committed suicide. There are many of his former well to do associates who will heave a sigh of relief and many others who will wonder if he was helped on his way into the next world to ensure his silence.

Epstein had been convicted of sexually exploiting minors. He was in prison awaiting the possibility of further charges. Amongst those alleged to have taken advantage of his services were former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom.

The indictment of the 66 year old Epstein on July 8 had caused widespread concern amongst his many high society friends and acquaintances. Would he reveal the names of famous people in order to negotiate a more lenient sentence?

He had already been found with injuries around his neck on July 25 collapsed on the floor of his cell in a foetal position. Investigators failed to establish the cause of his injuries.

Epstein was most famous for his private island Little St James where, it is claimed, he invited the rich and famous and entertained them with under age sexual partners. It has been alleged that he got rich clients for his financial investment company by blackmailing them. It has also been alleged that he was an intelligence agent.

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