İrem UZUN -TDO- A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a knife attack at a mosque in central London. A knifeman is reported to have stormed into Regent's Park Mosque this afternoon and allegedly attacked a man in his 70s while he was carrying out the call to prayer.

Police and paramedics rushed to the scene, near Regent's Park, at 3.10 pm on Thursday where they found the elderly man with multiple injuries.  He was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital. His condition is described as non-life-threatening.  The alleged attacker, aged 29, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder and taken into custody. Scotland Yard is not treating the incident as terror-related. 

Mustafa Field, director of the Faiths Forum for London, told reporters outside the mosque that worshippers said it was “one stab, one strike, around the neck” of the victim. Another witness, Abi Watik, 59, said the victim had been stabbed once in the right shoulder moments after prayers had started, and he believed the suspect had waited for that moment. 

The Muslim Council of Britain said in a statement that “We condemn this attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the muezzin and those at the London Central Mosque, its leaders and congregants. Although the details of the incident are still coming through, it is deeply distressing to hear of an attack of this nature, with worshippers being targeted in a mosque, a place of spiritual sanctuary.” Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan and the Arcbishop of Canterbury were among those to share their condolences to those affected in the hours following the shocking incident.

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